Resources & Downloads

Below you will find everything you need for your SPCA Cupcake Day. Just click on the pictures to download each of the items


Download your certificate:

Choose your certificate, download it, type in your name and print it off.

Certificate bunny

Bunny certificate

Certificate kitten

Kitten certificate

Certificate labs

Puppy certificate

Certificate pig

Piglet certificate


Promote and decorate your event:

Use the resources below to make sure lots of people turn up to your cupcake party and to help you raise lots of money for animals in need.

Cupcake Day Price Tags

Suggested donation tags


Cupcake Day Flavour Labels

Flavour & Ingredient Labels


Cupcake Day Party Invitations

Party Invitations


A3 Party Poster Bunny

Bunny Party Poster (A3)


A3 Party Poster Kitty

Kitty Party Poster (A3)


A3 Party Poster Lab

Dog Party Poster (A3)


A3 Party Poster Piglet

Piglet Party Poster (A3)



Help us promote SPCA Cupcake Day:

Use the resources below to help us promote the event and raise more money for the animals

A3 Poster Bunny

Bunny Promo Poster (A3)


A3 Poster Kitty

Kitty Promo Poster (A3)


A3 Poster Lab

Dog Promo Poster (A3)


A3 Poster Piglet

Piglet Promo Poster (A3)


FBcover Bunny thumb

Bunny FB Cover Image


FBcover kitty thumb

Kitty FB Cover Image



FBcover Lab thumb

Dog FB Cover Image


FBcover Piglet thumb

Piglet FB Cover Image


CCD Profile Pic

Profile picture

FB Honey bunny thumb

Bunny Image

FB Mallow Kitty thumb

Kitty Image

FB Chocolate Lab thumb

Dog Image

FB Peppermint Piglet thumb

Piglet Image



If you have any questions or would like anything that's not on this page, please contact us on (09) 256 7312 or  and we will do what we can to support your event.



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