Which eggs?

happychookMost cupcake recipes call for eggs - but do you know which eggs are best to use?

When you bake your delicious cupcakes for SPCA Cupcake Day, we ask you to please consider using only SPCA Blue Tick eggs in your cupcakes. These eggs come from hens that are kept in conditions in which they are able to display all their natural behaviours - they are able to walk around and flap their wings, have deep litter/dust in which to scratch and dust-bathe, private nest boxes in which to lay in peace, and access to safe roosting perches at night.


SPCA Blue Tick eggs come from cage-free hens that are farmed to our high welfare standards, higher than the New Zealand minimum standards. SPCA Blue Tick approved farms are audited regularly and spot audited against our standards by qualified and independent auditors.

Run by the Royal New Zealand SPCA, the SPCA Blue Tick is a 100% independent accreditation scheme for farmed products, like eggs, chicken, turkey and pork.

For more information about the SPCA Blue Tick, click here


The SPCA Blue Tick is your assurance of high animal welfare.

bluetickClick here to find out which products are available under the SPCA Blue Tick Accreditation.

ONLY products with our certification logo on the packaging are SPCA Blue Tick accredited. If you can’t find the SPCA Blue Tick, it means it doesn’t meet our SPCA Blue Tick standards.

Every time you purchase SPCA Blue Tick approved products you are supporting indirectly the charitable work of the SPCA.

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